Things to do in Coorg

Things to do in Coorg

30 Best Things to do in Coorg From Mysore

There won’t be much work to do in Coorg. Just spend time in nature by swimming, boating, fishing and the rest of the time doing shopping. We will make it happen all these through Cab from Mysore to Coorg. We will introduce you to Coorg’s wonder that no one has seen. There are a lot of things to do in Coorg. Just bring the items of your requirements. The rest of your requirements will be taken care by Mysore to Coorg cab. Don’t delay, scarcity of time haunts you. Reserve some time for yourself. We will make your precious time a memorable one.

For travel enthusiasts, 2020 turned out as an unfortunate and disappointing year, with Covid-19 hitting us suddenly and forcing us to stay indoors and canceling all the trips they have been planning for days or even months.

But hey! It’s a thing of the past.

Things are looking up for us with vaccines already rolling out, giving us a chance to step out and explore new places. While the thought of having a long trip to islands and exquisite destinations is still far for most of us, planning a local getaway to places like Coorg this summer is the best thing you can do.

Surrounded by misty valleys, crisp mountain weather, lush green landscapes, with coffee aroma lingering all over through the mountains, Coorg is undoubtedly one of the top travel destinations in Karnataka that will draw you for its one of a kind experience.

It is also home to offbeat activities and luring places for you to unwind, enjoy the serenity of nature, and rejuvenate yourself, ones that you do not miss out on from your itinerary.

*If you truly want to enjoy your holiday in this beautiful locale, plan a road trip with a cab from Mysore to Coorg. The road to Coorg opens to beautiful hills and thick forests of Karnataka that you don’t wanna miss!

  1. Go for River Rafting: Take a dive into the thrill of rafting and let your adrenaline rush in through this summer. River rafting in the currents of chilly waters of Barapole River is a must for all those adventure lovers seeking an escape from city life.
  • Visit Abbey Falls: Setting against the backdrop of thick coffee plantations, Abbey Falls is known for its serene ambiance that it has to offer. The walk on the hanging bridge adorning the natural views and innumerable trekking and adventure options draw people from every part of India.
  • Visit Raja’s Tomb: Amidst standing in the lush greenery, the tomb is a prominent destination for all history lovers. The place depicts a unique amalgamation of two cultures in an Indo-Saracenic style architecture.
  • Delve into the history of Madikeri Fort: Depicting the rich history of several dynasties it carries, this granite monument stands strong, amid the misty mountains and lush greenery, where one can spend hours learning the artifacts that ever existed.
  • Find a spiritual escape at Omkareshwara Temple: A spiritual abode snuggled in the mountains of western ghats. The shrine dedicated to Lord Siva is a unique blend of Gothic and Islamic architecture, a worth exploring place and offering prayers.
  • Coffee plantations: Tea & Coffee plantation is the true highlight of the Coorg. Exploring the local market and harvesting places while relishing some freshly brewed coffee on your way is a treat of being in Coorg.
  • Take a hike to Raja’s Seat: Grew up from the name ‘the seat of the kings’, Raja’s Seat is a perfect place to sit and admire the beauty of the lush green landscapes that go beyond the eyesight. A relaxing experience you do not want to miss after a long tiring day of traveling. 
  • Camping in Coorg: A great way to spend quality time in nature, witnessing the blanket of gleaming starts while resting in the serenity of the hills and jungles of Coorg will be an experience on its own.

How to reach Coorg?

Coorg sits in the South Western part of Mysore that makes it an ideal place for road tripping. You can reach Coorg through government-run buses or cars. But if you want a relaxing trip, where you can explore the nearby spots and connect with nature at your own pace, the best option is to opt for a cab from Mysore to Coorg. Wherein all you need is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenic views en route. Halt to locals and soak in the beauty of what Coorg serves you!

Ready to dive into the realm of the beauty of Coorg? Book your weekend itinerary with us! We have a range of fleets that suits your family & needs, making the experience a delight for travelers. To book your cab from Mysore to Coorg for your summer holidays, visit: