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Presenting Mysore to Coorg Cab

Mysore to Coorg Cab

Mysore to Coorg Dasara special Cab Packages

The Dasara days liked by tour lovers have arrived. The Navaratri of last 2 years was very disappointing to the Mysore and Coorg tourists because of Covid. But during October 2022 both districts have been decorated beautifully. Mysore and Coorg are the provinces ruled by kings. And also Dasara celebrations will be conducted in both cities. Government has agreed to celebrate Mysore Dasara exuberantly. All the roads and buildings are shining with light decorations. The titled elephants and horses are practicing to arrive for the processions. Lakhs of tourists have booked their hotels and cabs already. Those who haven’t booked yet book now and avoid paying extra money. This is the ideal time to watch the past glory of Mysore. So visit cultural Mysore and Coorg and enjoy the Indian tradition. And also proudly share it with others.

என் பெயர் சந்தோஷ், எனது சொந்த ஊர் சென்னை – தமிழ்நாடு, நான்
பணிபுரியும் வேலை மைசூரில் இருந்து கொடுகு செல்லும் சுற்றுலா பயணிகள் வழிகாட்டி மைசூரில் 10 வருட காலமாக பணிபுரிகிறேன். நீங்கள் சுற்றுலா சார்ந்த தகவல்களை தமிழிலும் அறிந்து கொள்ளலாம்.

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Are you looking for a cheap cab from Mysore to Coorg? – If so, observe some sensitive factors. Because a lot of commission-based online cab companies have emerged.

They are supplying cabs having details neither about the vehicle nor the driver. They take their commission amount in advance and provide an unverified vehicle and details to the customer and irk the travelers throughout the journey. If called the company it directly connects to the customer care and you won’t even get to talk to the executive whom you talked before. Everyone gets the same response that ‘register a complaint. Before getting deceived that a lowest-priced taxi, check the latest google reviews of the customers who have availed the services. Also examine whether they got their own vehicles and whether they are localities. Don’t lose your tour’s enjoyment just to save a small amount of money. Be Careful.

Mysore to Cab Coorg packages – A must-visit place!

Before you book Mysore to Coorg cab package, let us tell you an enchanting story about the place. During Vanavasa, Rama and Lakshmana were on the lookout for Sita and walking the Brahmagiri hills. Getting to know the thirst of his brother Rama, Lakshmana arrows the rock to crack it open and then plunged the serene water through the rocks to quench his thirst. To this day, this place is home to beautiful falls and the water plunges with devotion echoing the distinction of the place.

This is just one of the many stories this place narrative is much like the variety of tourist destinations Coorg offers.

For decades, the British, Hyder Ali, Tipu Sultan, and the Maharaja of the Kodagu Empire have had to fight for the life of little Veerarajendra for the richness of the mountain peaks, waterfalls and fertile coffee and pepper in the Cauvery Valley. The native inhibitors, around 5,96,718 Kodavas worship the mother of Igwuthappa, the mother of Kaveri, and Maharaja Veerarajendra. The numbers of these inhibitors may have decreased but their devotion has not.

All the kings who have waged a war to claim their rights on the land of Coorg have gracefully accepted this as the land of tourists and dedicated it to them. These lands of plantations reflect the greenery in your eyes and soothe you from within.

To experience heaven on land, explore cab packages from Mysore to Coorg, ready to be availed. Instead of worrying about the toll, distance or roads, look out the window and enjoy the view in the cab from Mysore to Coorg. All you need to do is let us know the dates and the number of people and we shall offer you the most appropriate vehicle with a reliable driver to tour you around.

Visiting the Scotland of India Has Never Been Easier – Presenting Mysore to Coorg Cab.

Coorg, better known as ‘Scotland of India’, is a quaint and scenic holiday destination in the beautiful hills of Karnataka. A destination that serves as a cool and delightful respite to countless people arriving from all around. Off these, Mysore is the most prominent one, owing to a mere 100 kilometres of distance between the two. And getting from Mysore to Coorg (and it’s capital town, Madikeri) is best done on 4 wheels, and that too, in a cab.

Here are some quick reasons why taking a Mysore to Coorg Cab makes so much sense:

  • The route is scenic and the roads are winding. Our expert Mysore to Coorg taxi drivers can cover the distance quicker and more safely, while you enjoy the view from your window.
  • Cabs allow you the ability to come and go at will and plan your travel around yourself. Something that buses, trains, or airlines aren’t so friendly with.

And if you are traveling from Mysore to Coorg for a weekend getaway, chilling out and having a great time, might as well do it with the best taxi services from Mysore to Coorg – Us!
At our Mysore to Coorg taxi services, we plan your travel around you, your plans, and your dreams. When traveling to a serene place like Coorg, you will want to be free from all the worries so that you can enjoy your trip. Our work is to take care of everything so that you can live fully in the moment.

Now you can travel from Mysore to Coorg at your own convenience and at the time you want. No more waiting for tickets to get confirmed. Take this 112 kms journey as per your wish. You can reach Coorg from Mysore through roadway. Drive your own car or hire a car online. This will add a few bucks to your expenses. Also you will need to hire a driver, if you don & know to drive.

The easiest option to avoid such hassles is to book a taxi. All you need to do is confirm a taxi for your destination from Mysore to Coorg. The 112 kms journey will go pleasantly as expected.

Mysore Coorg One-day Car Package

₹- 4300/-
₹- 4100/-

  • Driver Charges: included
  • Toll And Parking: Extra
  • Time 6.00 Am to 9.00 Pm

Mysore to Coorg Cab for 2 Days 

₹- 6999/-
₹- 6700/-

  • Driver Charges 300.00 Rs
  • Toll And Parking Extra
  • Time 6.00 Am to 9.00 Pm

Mysore to Coorg Cab for 3 Days 

₹- 14000/-
₹- 13500/-

  • Driver Charges 300.00 Rs
  • Toll And Parking Extra
  • Time 6.00 Am to 9.00 Pm

Mysore to Coorg Cab Services – Features

Here are some of the features of our Mysore to Coorg taxi services:

  • Clean, serviced and well-maintained cabs
  • Expert drivers with immaculate expertise of driving in the hilly region of Coorg
  • Reliable 24 hours service
  • Best tariff
  • Timely doorstep pick-up and drop
  • Anytime reservation
  • Safety equipment like fire extinguishers, first-aid kit, et cetera.

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How Much Does Our Mysore to Coorg Taxi Service Cost?

+91 94807-35315

Mysore to Coorg One Way Cab

Coorg is like heaven, that’s why most people come from outside and stay here for weeks. This paradise on earth has its own history and various tourist spots. It is also well known as Karnataka’s Kashmir since it rains all over the year. India’s 3 states namely Karnataka, Tamilnadu, and Kerala are dependent on the rains of this region for agricultural activities. Since their customs and traditions are unique, people who visited here once will encourage others to visit Coorg as well.

Most city-dwellers choose Madikeri quickly for their relaxation to overcome their pressure. No one would like to return to their place from Coorg once they visit here. Thus there is a huge demand for Coorg’s resorts and homestays like nowhere else. Health enthusiasts, Yoga lovers and to get some good air, people make use of Mysore to Coorg one way cab and reach Coorg.

Fox travels’ organization realized the above necessities and launched mysoretocoorgcab.com for traveler’s competence. This website is made for meeting the needs of tourists. The only Cab from Mysore to Coorg has been prioritized here. If you book the Mysore pick taxi while going from Mysore to Coorg we will offer the Mysore to Coorg taxi services at the cheapest price. Depending on the convenience of the travelers we will provide luxury cars with drivers.

Even the information about where to book a resort or hotel will be given free of cost. One-way pick and drops will be arranged from your homestay through one-way taxis. If you give your Coorg travel plan to us, cab services will be made available accordingly. Through Mysore to Coorg sightseeing cab packages, our expert drivers will take you from Mysore and complete the Coorg darshan and bring you back to Mysore.

Mysore to Coorg Taxi One Way Price 

Mysore To Coorg One Way Taxi TypeMysore to Coorg Distance by Car One Way Taxi Fare From Mysore to Coorg
Tata Indica 4+1125 Km3100.00
Toyota Etios / Dzire 4+1125 Km3300.00
Toyota Innova 7+1125 Km4500.00

Taxi from Mysore to Coorg with Coorgi drivers.

If you are thinking to go out of Mysore after having spent a lot of time here, we recommend you to go to Coorg with our Coorgi drivers. Since they are from native Coorg they have thorough knowledge about Coorg.

While traveling in a Taxi to Madikeri from Mysore we will give you plenty of time to roam around in the tourist places in between. Our drivers will not hasten you or restrict in any kind. You can use Mysore to Coorg sightseeing Taxi to your wish. As soon as we come near Coorg our driver will transform into a local tour guide. They have stored complete information of Coorg in their minds. They are excelled in Coorg’s tourist spots and entertaining places. You can travel safely with ladies and children with Mysore to Coorg taxi.


Mysore to Coorg One-Way Taxi    Tempo Traveller From Mysore To Coorg

Book Your Mysore to Coorg Cab Package Today!

Coorg is calling! Have an amazing and enriching experience traveling with us.

The Coorg View

Coorg being a hill station is known for the view, the pleasant weather and the availability of spices and chocolates to take back home make it exotic. Every time you look out the window, you are sure to see the hills around covered in clouds and mist. This is considering you visit during the non-sunny days.

Rain can be quite daunting here, reckoning with the force of nature. Once the land settles in after the rain, it is misty, chill with cool breeze singing to you amidst green dancing leaves.

You will notice a lot of small forts, palaces and iconic structures in Coorg that have existed since the colonial era. You will witness a lot of hotels owned by the Coorgis serving their authentic food, much-relished tea and hot coffee to sip.

Mysore to Coorg Cab Packages Price

Type Of Car One Day Fare 2 Days Cost 3 Days Charges 4 Days Fare
Indica / Etios Liva
4 Seater
Dzire Etios
4 Seater
Chevrolet Tavera
8 Seater
Toyota Innova
7 Seater
Tempo Traveller
12 Seater
Click Here One Day Itinerary Tow Days Itinerary 3 Days Itinerary 3 Nights Itinerary

Toyota Innova

₹4500Per day

Toyota Etios

₹3300Per day

Indica Cab

₹3000Per day

Mysore airport to Coorg Taxi Service

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Mysore Coorg Romantic Places we plan your travel around you, your plans, and your dreams. When traveling to a serene place like Coorg, you will want to be free from all the worries so that you can enjoy your trip. 3 Nights and 4 Days At Just ₹-6750/- Book Now This Offers Up to 15/08/2019

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Mysore to Coorg Cab Distance

Distance from Mysore to Coorg by Cab is 119 km, Duration: 2.30 Hrs

Frequently Asked Questions About Cab from Mysore to Coorg

Q.How many tolls are there on Mysore to Coorg Road
A. There are no tolls while traveling by road from Mysore to Coorg. Book Now

Q.Which taxi service has the lowest fares from Mysore to Coorg?
A. The lowest taxi is the hatchback which is Rs.9/- per kilometer for Mysore to Coorg.

Q. What about the food and lodging facility for your driver if we book cabs from Mysore to Coorg with you?
The choice is up to you. You can take your own decision based on the service of our driver. It is not compulsory.

Q.How far is Coorg From Mysore?
A. Mysore to Coorg’s capital Madikeri by road is about 118 km’s which passes through Hunsur, Periyapattana, Kushalnagar, Suntikoppa NH 275 road and reaches Madikeri in 2.30 hours.

The Distance between Mysore Railway Station to Coorg Madikeri is 116 km.
Distance between Mysore main bus stand to Coorg Madikeri is 120 km.
The distance between Mysore Airport to Coorg Madikeri is 131 Km’s.

Q.How much will the parking charges be while doing Mysore to Coorg Sightseeing?
A. Rs.20/- to Rs.30/- for parking at each tourist spot total parking charges will be Rs.200/- for all the tourist spots of the day. Book Now

Q. Who much advance has to be paid to book Mysore to Coorg cab in advance?
A. You can reserve your taxi by paying just 200 Rs in advance when booking Mysore to Coorg cab packages.















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