On a Budget: Mysore to Coorg Taxi Charges Comparison

On a Budget: Mysore to Coorg Taxi Charges Comparison

Making the journey on a budget between Mysore and Coorg isn’t a sacrifice in luxury or missing out on the beautiful landscapes South India has to offer. Knowing the complexities of taxi costs is essential if you’re planning a trip from the city of royalty, Mysore, to the beautiful hills of Coorg. In this blog, we’ll provide an extensive review of Mysore in comparison to Mysore to Coorg Taxi Charges, looking at the factors that affect cost, various taxi options, and ways to make the most cost-effective option for your travel requirements.

Understanding Mysore to Coorg Taxi Charges: A Deep Dive

Before diving into the costs of taxi cabs, it is essential to know the variables that affect their cost. The distance, the type of vehicle, and additional costs are all factors determining the total price. Let’s take a look in depth.


The distance between Mysore from Mysore to Coorg is 118 km. This distance is essential in calculating taxi costs since most taxi services use an hourly rate.

Type of Vehicle:

The kind of vehicle you pick affects the total price. Different taxi models are suited to various group sizes and comfort preferences. The table below outlines the other taxi models,ir seating capacities, and their respective costs on this particular Mysore Coorg to Mysore Coorg route:

Taxi TypesDistanceCharges
Toyota Etios 4 Seater118 KM₹3100
Swift Dzire 4 Seater118 KM₹3100
Chevrolet Tavera 9 Seater118 KM₹4000
Toyota Innova 7 Seater118 KM₹4500
Toyota Innova Crysta118 KM₹4800
Tempo Traveler 12 Seater118 KM₹6000

Let’s look at the taxi prices based on the various words:

Mysore to Coorg Taxi Charges

Comparing taxi costs four times lets us look into any potential variations or discrepancies in the pricing. It’s crucial to ensure consistency and accuracy in the prices quoted.

Mysore to Coorg Taxi Cost

Three-time comparisons emphasize the importance of having reliable and predictable prices. Travelers typically want a consistent price to help them plan their budgets efficiently.

Mysore to Coorg Taxi Fare

A second-time comparison can provide more information about the fare structure to help travelers make informed choices about their travel expenses.

Mysore to Coorg Taxi

Repeating the same comparison three times emphasizes the importance of the transparency of taxi prices. It builds confidence between the taxi company and the customer.

Analyzing the Table and Making Informed Choices:

1. Toyota Etios and Swift Dzire:

The Toyota Etios and Swift Dzire are both four-seaters priced at a fair price of Rs 3100 for 118 km of travel. Perfect for small groups or solo travelers, they provide an affordable solution that doesn’t compromise on the quality of service.

2. Chevrolet Tavera:

If you’re traveling with a large party and want to travel with a larger group, the Chevrolet Tavera with a 9-seater capacity starts at Rs4000. The Tavera is an excellent choice for cost and space, which makes it ideal for group trips or families.

3. Toyota Innova and Toyota Innova Crysta:

Toyota Innova and the Toyota Innova and Toyota Innova Crysta have seven seats, are comfortable, and are priced at a co00 and Rs4800 in each case. These are great options for groups of mid-sized size who want the right balance between space and comfort.

4. Tempo Traveler:

For larger parties of between 12 and 12 individuals for larger groups of up to 12 people, the Tempo Traveler provides ample space and comfort for a cost of Rs.6000. Although it is more expensive, the per-person cost is more affordable for larger groups.


The best taxi to take you from Mysore to Coorg requires you to consider various aspects, such as the distance, type of vehicle, and overall costs. The in-depth analysis and comparisons provided in this blog will help you make an informed choice per your budget and personal preferences. If you value cost-effectiveness, convenience, or even space, knowing the subtleties regarding Mysore to Coorg taxi charges will give you an affordable and enjoyable travel journey through the beautiful scenery in Southern India.