How can I go from Mysore to Coorg?

How can I go from Mysore to Coorg?

The how to guide for Coorg residents to travel across the popular and exotic tourist destination–Mysore.

While in Coorg, if you are planning to go for a mini vacation or are in need of just a break from your current monotonous life, then you must head to your nearest destination – Mysore.

This piece of work discusses in detail how to reach Mysore, where to stay, what to see in the beautiful city.

Mysore is abundant in royal monuments, heritages and South India’s popular tourist destination. Mysore is famous for silk sarees, brilliant architecture, yoga and sandalwood. Winter is the most appreciated season for a visit to Mysore. The sightseeing and travelling to Mysore is efforts worthy. It doesn’t require much money. It is a budget destination that suits all. It is a safe city for tourists. Mysore also harbors various cuisines specially prepared by Mysore techniques.

If you are in Coorg, you need not worry about reaching Mysore. You are only 118 kilometres away from the popular tourist attraction.

How to reach Mysore from Coorg:

 Coorg as it is hardly far from Mysore doesn’t really have great options to reach there. The options are limited. But if you are in some other metropolitan city, you can either choose Roadways, railways or Airways as per your convenience and budget.

✔️By Road:

Mysore is around 2 and a half hours away from Coorg. You can either book a cab or drive your way. After reaching Mysore, you can explore the city in an auto rickshaw. It is the most convenient option which is reasonable.

✔️By Train

Mysore Railway station is well developed and is connected with all major railway stations.

Where to stay in Mysore:

Mysore has a lot of affordable and reasonable hotels for every budget.

It is a lot safer for tourists to stay and explore the city.

What to see in Mysore:

✔️ Mysore Palace:

If you are a heritage living person, then you must definitely not miss the exclusive royal palace. The pride of Mysore, which was built in 1912 is one of the must visit destinations of Mysore.

✔️ Somanathapura temple

A classic and perfect example of world class architecture, this temple is also beautifully built which attracts visitors nationwide.

✔️ Brindavan Gardens

A replica of Shalimar gardens, this is an aesthetic pleasure for tourists.

✔️ Mysore Zoo

This zoo inhabits numerous species of mammals, birds and wildlife. Give your adventurous side a treat. Visit the Mysore Zoo.

✔️ ShukaVana

It is a rehabilitation centre for injured and abandoned birds and animals.

✔️ Bonsai Garden

It a habitat of 1400 bonsai trees.

✔️ GRS Fantasy Park

An amusement park that is filled with fun rides, is a great place for children, adults and families.

✔️ Karanji Lake

A visual treat to just sit back and relax. Close to nature, it should definitely be in your list of places to visit in Mysore